Monday, 10 March 2014

Our Colombian online politics analysis made the front page of La Republica

What is the relationship between political parties in Colombia in terms of online audience?
This was the first and foremost question of our mini-research.

Our analysis looked into the dynamics of online political audiences in Colombia by examining the January 2014 activities of 118 Facebook fanpages of various political parties. The aim was not to provide a representative analysis, similar to that of the offline polls, but to offer a glimpse into of the different supporters of these parties.

We've only considered fanpages in the study and ignored user or group accounts. The examined data covered 5 835 posts, 60 067 users who liked posts and 4 947 users who commented on posts.

The analysis includes the aggregate network of parties revealing the hidden structures of online supporters between them; the timeline of parties indicating the activity of their supporters; and a cross-over audience analysis for each analyzed political page.

Click here to download the full Colombian online politics analysis.

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