Monday, 21 May 2012

There is a new tool in the pharmaceutical hand: Network research in the medical society

The economic crisis has negative effects on the pharmaceutical companies as well. The Széll Kálmán Plan has a big impact on expenses, thus the manufacturers need to rethink the marketing communications strategy on the home market because of the price of the innovative products and the low levels of public expenditures.

The base of innovation resides in exploitation of new approaches, new opportunities and techniques. To accomplish business plans new approaches and techniques are needed. More and more pharmaceutical companies choose the latest methods of network research which can help to react better to the disasters of the economic crisis. If we mix these type of researches, such as key opinion monitoring (KOL mapping) and the consumption patterns of media, we can confront pharmaceutical product managers with really interesting facts and patterns.

So the question is given:

How do the manufacturer and the distributor live with opportunities given by network research?
The full interview with Péter Ruppert and György Tímár, general managers of Maven7and Comfit is on view in the medical journal, Medical Tribune.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Excellence 2012

Tamás Vicsek, member of the Hungarian Academy of Science and professor of ELTE University was asked by European Research Council to hold a presentation at Excellence 2012 conference. Mr. Vicsek is going to represent Hungary and Central Europe in this scientific event.