Friday, 27 March 2015

How the HR Tech Europe conference went down on Twitter

HR Tech Europe, the self-proclaimed fastest growing HR event in Europe, took place on March 24-25 in London. The conference drew HR practitioners from far and wide to discover the latest trends in HR technology. Although we could not be there in body to showcase our cloud-based organizational diagnostic tool, OrgMapper, we wanted to show some spirit and decided to map the social activity around the event.

How we did this:

In order to map the structure of the online community around the conference, we tracked Twitter with our online community mapping suite, Diktio Labs, between 6 am, March 18, 2015 and 11:50 pm March 26, 2015, and looked into the network of all relevant interactions. We downloaded 11,013 tweets containing the hashtag #HRTechEurope.

Each node (blue dot) in the below network represents a Twitter account; the more influential a user is, the darker and larger its node will be. For a better visual experience, the network is filtered to only depict edges (connections) that form amongst people who retweeted each other at least three times. The thickness of the edges indicates the number of retweets; meaning, the thicker the edge, the more often a user retweeted another user. Arrows indicate the direction of the retweet: the head of the arrow points at the retweeted user.

Our key findings:

@hrzone was the most retweeted user with 493 retweets, followed by @oraclehcm, @let_anita, @david_green_uk, @mervyndinnen, and @rohitbhosale. The network is well-connected, though @rohitbhosale and @emee_insights form almost a separate cluster but still connected via @violazoldy.

We also took a peek at the most trending hashtags, but excluded #HRTechEurope (which was used extensively throughout this period). We found that #HR was the most widely used hashtag, with 605 mentions within the community, followed by the hashtags #ngarh and #Gamification.

In 2015 online influencers can make or break a brand. Instead of concentrating on HOW MANY people are talking about your business, focus on WHO is in the middle of these discussions. Great marketers know and engage their social media influencers. Building close relationships with your influencers will not only help strengthen their advocacy, but also convince them to get involved in your communication campaigns.

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