Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Maven7 Introduces Dedicated Brand for Community and Influencer Mapping

Diktio Labs aims to transform the marketing sector by bringing network science to the fingertips of all marketing professionals

Maven Seven Inc. (Maven7), one of the world's leading network research and data mining companies, has announced the introduction of Diktio Labs™, its new suite of online community and influencer mapping solutions.

Developed to empower marketing professionals by integrating network science into the campaign planning process, Diktio Labs is set to transform the digital marketing sector. For the first time, any proactive informational outreach campaign will have at its disposal a range of innovative and cost-effective planning tools driven by powerful network science.

Diktio Labs' data-driven approach stands in stark contrast to commonly used volume-based monitoring tools and methods. Traditional tools track campaign outputs, monitoring sentiment, conversations, trends and behavior. By contrast, Diktio Labs aims to map networks, hidden structures, relationships and both individual and group behavior across a range of client-specific criteria (issues, behavior, beliefs, preferences, patterns, etc.). Its algorithms and scrapers are tailor-made to each campaign, offering insight and intelligence to a level never before possible.

"Modern companies have to understand better how their customers seek out information online," said Chris Dobson, a seasoned communications agency manager who is driving Diktio Labs' to-market strategy.

"A huge amount of money is wasted through trial and error within digital and, indeed, traditional marketing, mostly completely unnecessarily. We now have the technology to identify communities of interest by a myriad of criteria and help transform any outreach campaign, be it political-, marketing- or social-based, in terms of insight and accuracy. Anyone in these areas not embracing network science now will soon be left behind."

A co-founder of Maven7 is the globally-acclaimed pioneer of network theory, Albert-László Barabási, based at Northeastern University in Boston. He also believes that the time has come for all marketing to take full advantage of network science: "We are constantly surrounded by hopelessly complex systems, from our society to computers and cell phones, to even the networks of the billions of neurons in our brains. These systems, although random looking at first, display endless signatures of order and self-organization, which can be understood, quantified, predicted, and eventually controlled. Show me a marketer that wouldn't want to take advantage of these advances to exploit that information."

Diktio Labs' products are available in almost all languages, and have already been used across over 15 countries, as diverse as Columbia, China, Mexico, Russia, Hungary, the UK and the US. Tailor-made algorithms specific to each client and project guarantee accuracy and relevance levels far beyond 'off the shelf' models.

About Maven7 
Maven7 supports business decisions by transforming large amounts of hard-to-interpret data into actionable business intelligence. Based on the methodologies of network analysis and data mining, Maven7 has developed its own proprietary network mapping tools to conduct analyses in organizational development, social media, the pharmaceutical/medical industries and many other fields.

About Diktio Labs 
Diktio Labs takes marketing to a whole new level of targeting and efficiency by enabling organizations to know exactly who will prove receptive, influential and responsive to their messaging prior to a campaign launch. Diktio Labs works directly with end-user clients and also partners with a number of marketing advisors and agencies to deliver its technology into a fully integrated campaign.