Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Research is the New Discovery

A software called Livaplasma helps you discover new music you might like, with music you already do. 

This is what a music search looks like, if you look for music like Led Zeppelin, bands from the are and the genre become part of the network. Cream, The Who and Pink Floyd are the top recommendations.

The crator of the site Frédéric Vavrille, made the site back in 2004. But music recommendations is not all Liveplasma can do. It also works for books and movies.

With Inception as a key word, the network consist of other Cristopher Nolan movies, and genre specific works like The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and The Matrix.

Jane Eyre's networks include Jane Austen's other works, books by Dickens and the Bronte sisters.

Curious? Check out the site for yourself at liveplasma.com !