Wednesday, 25 April 2012

ATM localization

Now that the time of low-cost Canaan comes to Budapest soon,even more bunches of young tourists are expected. But where are they rmoving around the city? Are they really interested in  Buda Castle and Heroes Square? Do they really know the best party places of Budapest? Where do they usually have dinner? Where do they stay? We would like to introduce a case study of Maven7, which can give answers for these questions too.
With proper background information and approriate time parameters we can get insight into the latitude of tourists, especially during festival time. These information could have a significant role in tourism or festival-linked service optimization.
E.g. it can provide help in:
optimization of location of linked services
optimization of advertisement placement
optimization of planning transfer
Our study case was based on the performance of two commercial banks’ ATMs located in district V,VI and VII in Budapest. The investigation was supported by territorially relevant Flickr-data.
The positions of ATM's were to some extent optimal, but on a number of occasions we have found a room for improvement. For instance as our findings show repositioning or installation of a new ATM at Vörösmarty square would significantly improve money withdrawal. The existing ATM is at Bajcsy-Zsilinszky subway station - a busy junction -, however, according to picture's geocodes tourists walk there quite seldom.

Our innivative approach is to utilise social media in optimising ATM locations. The thermographic image shows us straight where potencial clients move - numerically. Furthermore, on the grounds of Eric Fischer's study we can declare that different social media types attract different users' groups. For example Flickr data reflects the habit of tourists, while Twitter gives us an insight into residents' movements. When analysing Flickr data, we are able to differenciate between nationalities.